Spray Painting a Lamp Shade

With the right can of spray paint, you can easily change the color of you lamp shade or other accessories.

Before purchasing the right kind of spray paint, you need to identify the material of which the lamp shade is made. Some paints can be used on a variety of materials, but some can only be used on plastic, metal, fabric or other materials. You have to use a spray paint designed for outdoor use if your lamp shade will be used on a lamp located on a sun porch or other area that will be exposed to outdoor conditions.

Besides, you can turn to finishes to complement any décor. For instance, you can paint your lamp shade to look like marble or granite. If you don’t want paint the entire lampshade you need to use stencils to add decorative borders. Hold the stencil in place with painter’s tape and wait for the paint to dry completely before removing it if you use a stencil.

Please take the item to a well-ventilated area, like any other spray painting project. Place a layer of newspaper or a drop cloth on to the work surface. Reading the manufacturer’s instructions before applying the paint.