DIY a Clip-on Lamp Shade

Do you know how to make your own clip-on lamp shade?

Look for 16-gauge wire, and cut five 10-inch sections. Use needlenose pliers to bend both ends of each wire piece into a hook. Use needlenose pliers again to hold the wire 1 inch from the end. Next, twist the pliers to bend the wire into a “U” shape.

Hook one end of a wire onto the 7-inch craft ring. Use needlenose pliers to securely bend the wire around the ring. Wrap the wire around the ring. Use pliers to squeeze the wire to hold it in place on the ring. Repeat this with the last four 10-inch sections of wire. Make sure the five 10-inch sections of wire are evenly spaced around the ring.

Hook and secure the other end of each of the five 10-inch sections of wire over the 5-inch craft ring.

Find a 16-gauge wire, and cut a 24-inch section. Use needlenose pliers to bend the wire in half. Hold the loose ends together. Bend the wires into a 2 inches “U” shape in the center.

Find a 20-gauge wire, and cut a 4-inch section. Measure 3 inches from the base of the “U”. Squeeze both sides of the “U” together. To secure the sides together, please wrap the 20-gauge wire around the indented section of the “U”. Separate the bottom of the “U”, approximately 4 inches, fitting over a light bulb. This is the clip-on section of lamp shade, and  make sure it is not too tight for the light bulb.

Use needlenose pliers to make a hook at both ends of the clip-on section. Hook and secure

the clip-on piece onto the 5-inch craft ring as you did in step 2.

Prepare a blank sheet of craft paper, and lay the lamp shade frame on its side on top of it. Mark a line above the 5-inch ring and below the 7-inch ring. When you draw a line onto the paper below the 7-inch ring and above the 5-inch ring, roll the lamp shade one complete turn. Measure up 1 inch above and below the top line. Next, separately draw another line running horizontally to it. Add 1 inch to one end. Next, draw a perpendicular line from top to bottom. Now, cut out the template for your lamp shade cover.

Place the template on the fabric and trim it. Use fabric glue to attach the fabric cover to the wire lamp shade frame. Along the 5-inch craft ring, run a head of glue. Place the fabric on top and fold it 1 inch on the ring. Before the glue drying, clip clothes pins over the fabric and the wire to secure it. Repeat this to secure the fabric to the bottom of the shade frame. Finally, let the glue dry.

Tips: It is recommended to string beads to 10-inch sections of wire and attach them to the craft.