DIY: How To Make a Lampshade Cover

Updating the old or damaged lamp shade with fresh new colors or patterns can add a touch of interest to any room. Use a tape to measure the height and width of the lamp shade. Considering the folds, please add six inches to the width and height of your measurements. Measure the widest part of

Spray Painting a Lamp Shade

With the right can of spray paint, you can easily change the color of you lamp shade or other accessories. Before purchasing the right kind of spray paint, you need to identify the material of which the lamp shade is made. Some paints can be used on a variety of materials, but some can only

How to Make Lampshade With Fabric

It is time to make your own lamp shades with an updated, bold fabric. Purchase a round lamp shade frame. Place a piece of wire on the top and bottom of the frame as a marker. Place a large sheet of butcher paper on a table. Find the place where the wire is at the

How to Repair Lamp Shades

Over time, there are some problems on lamp shade. Fortunately, it is very easy to repair lamp shade. Use a soft brush attachment to vacuum the lamp shade to remove all dust and dirt. Check the part of the bulb that has been degummed. If the side seams run from the top to the bottom

DIY a Clip-on Lamp Shade

Do you know how to make your own clip-on lamp shade? Look for 16-gauge wire, and cut five 10-inch sections. Use needlenose pliers to bend both ends of each wire piece into a hook. Use needlenose pliers again to hold the wire 1 inch from the end. Next, twist the pliers to bend the wire
Mottled parchment papers are widely used to make lamp shades. If your lamp shade is damaged, you can create your own one. For the first shade covering, you need to choose a simple cone shaped lampshade frame with a smaller circle-shaped ring with ribs extending to an even smaller washer-like circle. This frame is quite

Trimming a Lampshade

How to trim a lamp shade? Trim makes lamp shade an active element in décor. Where to Get Lamp Shade Trims Get trimmings or catalogs from some lamp shade retailers. There are a lot of ribbons and laces in a variety of widths in sewing centers. Look for novelty ribbons and trimmings in craft stores.
In the 1970s, strip bar lights were very popular. This type of light reduces shadows, so it is particularly suitable for make-up. Although this light doesn’t match well with some modern decor styles, these fixtures are a perfect candidate for lampshade makeovers. Here’s the steps to make lamp shade for a strip bar light. Cut
Want to create a lamp shade for your perfectly decent lamp? First, you need to create the frame, and then cover it with fabric or decorate it with beads. Build the Frame with wire Step 1. Look for the wires. Choose a wire which is sturdy enough to hold its shape but pliable enough to
A beautiful beaded safety pin night-light shade can add a little glamour to your plain and boring night-light. It is very easy to make this style of night-light shade with beads and pins. It is recommended to use crystal or glass beads to make a pin night-light shade because they can allow light to pass