Matching a lamp shade to a lamp can create a pleasing combination. For example, matching a subtle shade on an understated lamp base creates a calm aura. Purpose The type of shade can be determined by the purpose a lamp serves. For instance, a shade for a desk lamp or reading lamp had better provide
Have you ever find the right lamp shade? The perfect right lamp shade plays a role in the overall room design and décor, softens light, and blocks the glare of a bare bulb. Fittings The fitting of lamp helps to narrow the search. In general, there are three different fittings, a spider, washer fitting, an
Lamp not only can give light but also can be used as a sculptural object. How to choose lamp shade size? If your lamp has a single bulb socket, measure the distance from the base of lamp to the stem, the part of the lamp that sits immediately below the socket. If your lamp has