DIY: How To Make a Lampshade Cover

Updating the old or damaged lamp shade with fresh new colors or patterns can add a touch of interest to any room. Use a tape to measure the height and width of the lamp shade. Considering the folds, please add six inches to the width and height of your measurements. Measure the widest part of

Safe Materials for Lamp Shades

With the non-flammable materials, you can easily update the old lamp shade.  Glass Glass offers a vast range of color and texture option. Colored glass can cast a colored right to add a subtle ambiance to the space. Some glass includes bubbles within for visual interest. You can use glass shades from old lamps to

Spray Painting a Lamp Shade

With the right can of spray paint, you can easily change the color of you lamp shade or other accessories. Before purchasing the right kind of spray paint, you need to identify the material of which the lamp shade is made. Some paints can be used on a variety of materials, but some can only

The Basics of a Lamp Shade

The outside of a lampshade is made of fabric, glass, metal or paper. And, the spider, fitter and a harp and finial can help to affix the lampshade to the lamp base. Function A lampshade is a fixture that covers the light bulb on a lamp to diffuse the light it emits. Features Lampshades can

How to Make Lampshade With Fabric

It is time to make your own lamp shades with an updated, bold fabric. Purchase a round lamp shade frame. Place a piece of wire on the top and bottom of the frame as a marker. Place a large sheet of butcher paper on a table. Find the place where the wire is at the
Matching a lamp shade to a lamp can create a pleasing combination. For example, matching a subtle shade on an understated lamp base creates a calm aura. Purpose The type of shade can be determined by the purpose a lamp serves. For instance, a shade for a desk lamp or reading lamp had better provide

How to Repair Lamp Shades

Over time, there are some problems on lamp shade. Fortunately, it is very easy to repair lamp shade. Use a soft brush attachment to vacuum the lamp shade to remove all dust and dirt. Check the part of the bulb that has been degummed. If the side seams run from the top to the bottom
Have you ever find the right lamp shade? The perfect right lamp shade plays a role in the overall room design and décor, softens light, and blocks the glare of a bare bulb. Fittings The fitting of lamp helps to narrow the search. In general, there are three different fittings, a spider, washer fitting, an

DIY a Clip-on Lamp Shade

Do you know how to make your own clip-on lamp shade? Look for 16-gauge wire, and cut five 10-inch sections. Use needlenose pliers to bend both ends of each wire piece into a hook. Use needlenose pliers again to hold the wire 1 inch from the end. Next, twist the pliers to bend the wire
When your fabric lampshade looks dingy or metal lampshade is dated, you can paint it a new color to make a “new” lamp. Fabric Paint Cloth can try fabric paint which can stand up to some abuse from dusters and heat from a very hot bulb. You can get this paint at art supply and