Satin lamp shades add color to the room and add luster to a more formal environment. However, satin is dulled and appears splotchy when water stains it. Now, try the following steps to remove water stains from a satin lamp shade. Remove lamp shade from the lamp, and place the shade on kitchen counter or
Lighting plays an important role in creating an atmosphere for your room. Lampshade can decorate your room. Home lighting or improvement stores have lampshades of different shapes, sizes, colors and textures. However, according to your personal taste and interior design of your home, you can create your own square lampshade. Steps to make a square
As long as you have a clear picture in your mind of the luscious textural sensuality of the mid-Victorian period, you can quickly and easily create a Victorian lamp shade. Shapes The gas lamp with domed glass shades designed with a small opening at the top is the earliest Victorian lamp. Usually, Victorian lamps had

Types of Lamp Shade Fitters

How to choose a lamp shade? Here are some factors you will probably want to consider when you choose a lamp shade. The style can match your décor. The lamp shade should be compatible with the type of attachment or fitter, on the lamp. The shade should come down just low enough to cover the
Many lampshades are conical with fabric on both top and the lining. You need to replace the outer fabric if it is fragile and has holes. Conversely, if the liner fabric is torn, you need to replace the liner fabric without damaging the outer fabric. Unscrew the finial and remove the lampshade. Clean the shade

What’s an Uno Lamp Shade

The uno lamp shade can be mounted on a lamp socket with an uno fitter. The uno fitter’s arm radiates outward to the inner edge of the lampshade, supporting to a round piece that slides over the socket. Types. Uno shades are threaded and non-threaded as well as plastic and metal fitters. History. Traditionally, threaded
84% of civil fire deaths are caused by residential structural fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Protecting home is to protect yourself. It is necessary to use fire retardant to cover the lamp in your home because many lamp shades are made out of cloth which will spread fire quickly if the bulb

DIY Copper Lampshade

As the rich color of copper, copper lamp shades are widely used because it can add warmth. The copper flash is flexible and easy to bend around the frame of the lampshade. Try using 8- to 18-inch roof flashing to simply make a simple copper lampshade. Measure the largest ring of the lampshade frame, and
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