How to Make a Beaded Lamp Shade

Want to make a beaded lampshade with your favorite colors, beads and charms? Place the lampshade ring holder on the lamp. Measure the distance you want the strands to hang. The strands should be 8 or 9-inches long on a lamp that is approximately 24 inches. Cut the monofilament line, and make sure it is

Material Used To Make Lamp Shades

With wire frames, lamp shade paper or fabric and decorative items, you can make your own lamp shades to fit your personal taste and décor. Wire Frames Get a wire lamp shade frame from a lamp shade or lamp-making supply store. Or recycle the wire frame from the inside of on old lamp shade. According

How to Heat a Spinning Lamp Shade

The top of spinning shade lamp is formed in the shape of a turbine. Heating the air in the shade brings a convection current. This convection current moves upward to bring breeze. Then, the shade is propelled. Check the lamp. Manually spin the attached shade without plugging in the lamp to check to see if
Do you like mini lamp shade with vellum paper? This type of lampshade can perfectly decorate your small table, is the ideal size for wine-glass candles in weddings or birthdays party, provides a soft glow for the people at the table because it can soften the light. Besides, with this type of lampshade, you can

How to Measure a Lamp Shade

It is very necessary to measure your lamp before shopping. Your lamp looks like it is about to tip over if the lampshade is too large. Conversely, if the lampshade is too small, it will create an almost comical effect. Measure the height of the portion of the lamp that remains visible when the lampshade
Lamp shades, made of frosted glass, soften the light, diffuse them more evenly than clear lamp shades, and add to the unique quality of your lamp shades. Like the clear glass, you also can change the color of frosted glass or paint a design on it. Changing Color Paint cannot adhere correctly to any areas

DIY Rotating Lamp Shade

Want to add visual interest to your room? Customizing a rotating lampshade adds visual interest as well as movement to an otherwise static desk or side table. Attach several stencils onto lampshade and make sure their edges are flush with the surface of the lamp. Dip stencil brush in a little paint. Blot the brush
Hurricane lamps that come with clear glass shades bring a touch of vintage warmth to any decoration. Besides, you can paint on glass. Spray a healthy dollop of degreasing cleanser such as dish liquid into a bowl of warm soapy water. Use a dampened shop cloth to wash the lampshade to remove any oil or

DIY Capiz Shell Lamp Shade

Capiz shell lamp shade add a natural and somewhat ethereal touch to your room. Now, you can make a capiz shell lamp shade. Use wire cutters to cut the top ring off of a lampshade frame. Please note the ring includes the horizontal crossbar support structure that mounts to a lamp harp. Set a vertical

How to Add Beads to Lamp Shades

Want to make a plain lamp shade into a decorative element in your home? Adding beads to a lamp shade can do it. If you like Victorian style, you can add beads to the base of the lamp shade. If you want to have an eclectic look, you can add beads to the body of